Marie Spaulding

Bio: Marie Spaulding is the Founder and CEO of Living Felt, a leading brand in the craft niche of “felting”. She is a maker who grew her part-time hobby into a 7+ figure company that has become a leader in its field. She is a creative entrepreneur, consummate educator and passionate cheerleader for others pursuing their dreams. Marie is an experienced business consultant and instructor of self-employment training. She has a passion for helping to facilitate success in others, and is especially drawn to helping women and families live their dreams of self-employment with joy and profits.

I am a blue jean boss, a fingers in the dirt, head in the clouds kind of entrepreneur. I believe in growing deep roots while spreading your wings and reaching to new heights. I am lover of life and grateful to be here enjoying this magical journey. I am married to an amazing man… Rodney Gene, JR and living a blessed life.

I consider myself living proof that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, just the way YOU like it: Joy, fun, inspiration, friends, creativity, stimulation, and financial success. It is my personal mission to help others who want to Make a Life, Make a Living and Make a Contribution by doing work they love, and by running their own successful business, on their own terms.

Many moons ago I owned a candle company that grew from a fun hobby to a side job, to a full-time wholesale business with employees…sales were booming, and while there was a lot I did not know about growing a profitable company, I did know I was not happy…I was not in love with the work. That one realization helped me ask better questions and led me to exactly to where I needed to be and get the clarity I needed.

As a direct result, I would go on to work for an organization who helped women launch, fund and grow their businesses. While with that company, I served as an instructor, a business consultant and later as the Director of Programs for our entrepreneurial education branch.

While in that role I discovered a new “hobby” and quickly became all consumed with felting, needle felting, wet felting and nuno felting. Before long…my hobby branched into a
“side hustle” and in 2004 Living Felt was launched with one single product sold on ebay.

Now, so many years later, I am living my dreams. My company is a leader in our field, we have grown from the role of a single product “e-tailer” to become a primary manufacturer, retailer, education center, and media company in our genre. But oh…we are so much more than that. The richness of each day, from the experiences and people that come forth along this path keeps me high with gratitude and joy and inspiration.

Of course, a lot transpired “in between” that job that I loved so much and the life I am living now, and it is within those pages of my story that all the growth happened, the work happened of both “self” and business. As the great Jim Rohn said, “The same wind blows on us all…the difference of where you arrive is not the wind but the set of the sail…. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

I am passionate about helping others tap into their inner wisdom so they can live the life they not only dream of, but are absolutely capable of
, and absolutely deserve.”

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