Peace Felt

Peace Felt is a global art project, another “inspired idea” that I feel was given to me. I wanted a way to connect with others across the globe, and when the idea came to me, I knew I had to act on it. In 2009 the first Peace Felt event took place. It has not been an annual event due to logistics and my schedule, but it has taken place at least 4 times, and each event is magical. I have not been the best at documenting, so will share a few images here.

Our Highest Vision

To connect every country in an energetic circle of peace, unconditional love, and gratitude.
For Peace to be Felt in hearts across the world.


To promote peace and connectivity among nations, loving kindness among individuals, gratitude in our hearts and in our consciousness – knowing that WE create our world through our thoughts, words and actions.

To, as Gandhi reminded us, “Be the change we wish to see in the world.

To promote awareness of the ancient art of felt making and the modern craft of needle felting for its qualities of being earth friendly, extremely versatile, and easy to learn!

How The Circle of Giving & Receiving Works

Participants will create a piece of art which includes at least 50% hand made felt (can be needle felted or wet felted or both). The piece may be functional or a purely decorative piece that is for the creator, a symbol of Peace or Unconditional Love.

Each participant will send their PEACE FELT to their Partner and will receive one in return.

This “Circle of Peace and Love” steps outside the bounds of traditional “exchanges” where one may often have expectations of an “equal” trade with their exchange partner; expecting that what is received matches the perceived value of what was given. Instead, this circle of giving and receiving invites participants to give freely and feel the reward of truly giving in the spirit of love and without condition.

Simultaneously, the individual has the opportunity to receive love without anything being asked of them. So many of us can benefit from removing the guilt and obligation we may associate with “receiving” a gift from another, and allow ourselves to be worthy just for being who we are, to allow ourselves to accept of gift of loving kindness, to simply say “thank you” and know that nothing is “owed”.

Some people create community events for Peace Felt and felt together. These are just a few images from past Peace Felt exchanges. Hundreds of people have participated and exchanged Peace Felt gifts of art.

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